Mobile E-Solutions

Mobile Solutions
3d Tech closely collaborates leadings provider of mobile solutions to empower businesses and individuals with Web access to mobile content to personalize the mobile experience and interconnect businesses and employees to a new communication medium of mobile information from anywhere.

Mobile & Web
Our mobile solutions offer you the opportunity to integrate your Website information and content with mobile technology. The Internet and cellular networks are communication mediums that extend to one another and naturally connect providing a mobile bridge between technology and individuals or businesses.
Individuals can check and receive their latest mobile gizmos from logos and ring tones through the Internet. On the other hand, businesses can connect their sales forces and field employees on the go through their Website and mobile services.

Solutions Provision
Our mobile solutions provide the following:
► Total online automation of all content and features of the mobile Website system
► Building on .NET framework 
► Full Back Panel Administration to manage, upload, and edit the entire Website content 
► Full integration between the Internet and mobile technology

Portal Services for Mobile Community
3d Tech and TerraVision develop mobile Multi-lingual portal solutions that allow individuals to personalize their mobile experience through subscribing and downloading their favorite mobile content.

Mobile subscriptions include Subscription to:
► Breaking news 
► Informative channels such as technology, health, etc... 
► Entertainment channels such as movies, horoscope, weather, 
► Other Subscription services, etc…

Mobile downloads include:
► Ring tones 
► Polyphonic ring tones 
► MMS 
► Text messages 
► Logos 
► Picture animations 
► And many more …